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November/December 2000 Planning

Selected Feature Breath of Air in Harlem  by Peggy Dye Shedding Light on the Shades of Strategic Planning  by Jordi Borja What Planners..

November 30, 2000

What Planners Don’t Know About Food: Food Planning in New york and Beyond

by John Nettleton In recent Planners Network articles on alternative plans for New York City, there was no discussion about the natural..

November 18, 2000

Shedding Light on the Shades of Strategic Planning

by Jordi Borja [In the last issue of PN, Fabricio Leal de Oliveira criticized the theory and practice of strategic planning in Latin..

November 18, 2000

A Breath of Air in Harlem

by Peggy Dye In the 1930s, Robert Moses, master planner for New York, stripped Harlem of potential park along the Hudson River where,..

November 18, 2000

September/October 2000 Planning

Selected Feature Public Space and Crime: The Cultural Meaning of Violence  by Herbert Glasauer Strategic Planning and Urban Competition:..

September 30, 2000

Light and Shadow in the Strategies of a Consultant on Strategies

by Carlos B. Vainer Professor at the Institute for Urban and Regional Planning and Research, Federal University of Rio de Janeiro —..

September 18, 2000

The Role of Technical/Professional Workers in Progressive Social Change

by Bob Heifetz During the 1930s and 1940s, members of the left-led Federation of Architects, Engineers, Chemists, and Technicians (FAECT)..

September 18, 2000

Strategic Planning and Urban Competition: The Agenda of Mulitlateral Agencies in Brazil

by Fabricio Leal de Oliveira In Brazil today, the same solutions for cities come up in almost all forums, debates, and institutions:..

September 18, 2000

Public Space and Crime: The Cultural Meaning of Violence

by Herbert Glasauer In Germany, as in most European countries, there has been a dramatic increase in people’s concerns about..

September 18, 2000

July/August 2000 Civil Society

Selected Feature What You Always Knew About Globalization but Were Afraid to Tell: Five Basic Lessons  by Kanishka Goonewardena..

July 30, 2000
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