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July/August 2000

July/August 2000 Civil Society

Selected Feature What You Always Knew About Globalization but Were Afraid to Tell: Five Basic Lessons  by Kanishka Goonewardena..

July 30, 2000

Civil Society: A Challenge to Planners

by Gerda R. Wekerle Planning is generally identified with the state or private sector. ‘Citizens’ are often relegated to..

July 18, 2000

Mexico’s Pioneer Experiences in Participatory Planning

By Gustavo Romero Fernšndez In the early 1970s, non-governmental organizations (NGOs) began to get involved in urban planning. They were..

July 18, 2000

What You Always Knew About Globalization but Were Afraid to Tell: Five Basic Lessons

By Kanishka Goonewardena Globalization is a code word for something else. That is why David Harvey has the good habit of reminding his..

July 18, 2000
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