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About 500 people belong to Planners Network including professional planners, community activists, academics, and students. If you are a member already, an Individual Member Directory, updated bi-annually, is available to members at the Member Directory page.

PN attempts to make decisions in as democratic and public a fashion as possible. It is led by a Steering Committee, which is elected by the membership and has full responsibility for the finances and actions of the organization. The Steering Committee works with members to create smaller committees, which work on specific issues like publications, conferences or chapters. These committees are chaired by a member of the Steering Committee and are open to all members. The committees make recommendations to the Steering Committee and work directly on issues related to their mandate.

Elections to the Steering Committee, and changes to the by-laws, are made through a vote of the members of PN. Each active member has one vote, and votes are conducted either at an annual meeting or through notification by mail and email.

Planners Network:
Steering Committee
Membership Committee
Conferences Committee
Bylaws of Planners Network, Inc.
Representatives and Members

Progressive Planning Magazine:

Planners Network:

Steering Committee: steeringcommittee(at)plannersnetwork(dot)org

  • Eve Baron: eve.baron(at)mail(dot)cuny(dot)edu Co-Chair
  • Pierre Clavel: pc29(at)cornell(dot)edu
  • Efadul Huq: ehuq(at)smith(dot)edu Treasurer/ Chapters Committee Chair
  • Anna Kramer: anna(dot)kramer(at)mcgill(dot)ca
  • Arielle Lawson: arielleglawson(at)gmail(dot)com Co-Chair
  • Norma Rantisi : norma(dot)rantisi(at)gmail(dot)com Co-Chair
  • Sean I. Robin: sean(dot)manhattan(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Michaela Shirley
  • Samuel Stein: samuelstein(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Keisha St. Louis-McBurnie: keisha(dot)stlouis(dot)mcburnie(at)mail(dot)utoronto(dot)ca
  • Carl Webb: CarlWebb(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Anaid Yerena: yerena(at)uw(dot)edu


  • Chester Hartman: chartman(at)pprac(dot)org:  Founder of PN and honorary SC Member

Advisory Board

  • Ann Forsyth
  • Dick Platkin
  • Barbara Rahder
  • Kenneth Reardon
  • Ayse Yonder

Membership & Chapters Committee:

  • Efadul Huq ehuq(at)smith(dot)edu, Chair
  • Email: membershipcommittee(at)plannersnetwork(dot)org

Conferences Committee:

  • Email: conferences(at)plannersnetwork(dot)org


  • Email: newsletter(at)plannersnetwork(dot)org


  • Email: info(at)plannersnetwork(dot)org


  • Arielle Lawson

Bylaws of Planners Network, Inc.

Representatives and Members

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Progressive City: Radical Alternatives Magazine:


  • Tom Angotti
  • Maya Amichai
  • Lacey Sigmon
  • Allison Lirish Dean (Podcast)
  • Deshonay Dozier
  • Victoria Kaplan
  • Annie Koh
  • Jeffrey Lowe
  • Oksana Mironova
  • Sylvia Morse
  • Norma Rantisi
  • Jake Ryan
  • Samuel Stein


  • Carl Webb
  • Sam Boskey


  • Lorraine Donald
  • Pablo Mendez
  • Norma Rantisi
  • Jake Ryan


    • Arielle Lawson: arielleglawson(at)gmail(dot)com
    • Christopher Hayes: chris.g.hayes(at)gmail(dot)com


Planetizen Top 50 Website 2003

The Planners Network website was voted one of the 50 best planning and development websites by PLANetizen in 2003.

Progressive Planning magazine has also been indexed by the Alternative Press Index. The entry is indexed under the following subject categories; urban studies, ecology & environmentalism, and community development.