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May/June 2000

May/June 2000 The Electronic Frontier

May/June 2000  The Electronic Frontier Selected Feature Information Technologies and Progressive Planning  by Ann Forsyth Online for..

May 30, 2000

Household Information Strategies and Community Responses

by Gwen Urey For progressive planners, the “digital divide” should be thought of as a “digital wedge.”..

May 18, 2000

The “Digital Divide” and the Persistence of Urban Poverty

by Blanca Gordo In the last six months, the “digital divide” has attracted a lot of public attention from corporate leaders,..

May 18, 2000

NKLA: Neighborhood Improvement and Recovery is Not Just for the Experts!

by Bill Pitkin Within planning, the computer has long been associated with images of the rational, technocratic planner who plugs data into..

May 18, 2000

Online for Organizing: The Story of COMM-ORG

by Randy Stoeker In 1994 Wendy Plotkin, a graduate student at the University of Illinois, started an e-mail discussion list on the history..

May 18, 2000

Information Technologies and Progressive Planning

by Ann Forsyth For two centuries technological changes in production, transportation, and communications have been reshaping cities and..

May 18, 2000
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