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March/April 2000

March/April 2000 Election 2000

March/April 2000  Election 2000 Selected Feature Election 2000: Is It Time for Urban Policy? Participatory Budgeting In Porto Alegre,..

March 30, 2000

Proposal for PEO History Project

By Ken Reardon On October 15 and 16, 1999, approximately fifty former members of Planners for Equal Opportunity (PEO) gathered for a 25th..

March 18, 2000

Participatory Budgeting In Porto Alegre, Brazil

by William W. Goldsmith In December 1999, seven PNers went to Porto Alegre and São Paulo, Brazil for nine days of conferences, meetings,..

March 18, 2000

Election 2000: Is It Time for Urban Policy?

Could it be urban policy time again? As Bush and Gore square off, is there a chance the idea of having a national policy governing urban..

March 18, 2000
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