Resisting Displacement and Disposession

Resisting Displacement and Dispoession

In cities throughout the nation and world, people are facing powerful economic and political forces that lead to evictions from their homes and displacement from their communities. In response, people are organizing, resisting, and developing their own plans and policies as alternatives. Join Planners Network as we explore strategies and affirm that another world is possible!

Seeking to reduce the carbon footprint of the traditional conference, this year’s Planners Network conference will take place over the course of two days in three locations, New York City, Tacoma, and Montreal. We’ll use telecommunications to share plenaries and conference proceedings. Attend the site nearest you!

About the Conference

Planners Network conferences bring together progressive planners from across the United States, Canada, and the world to talk about pressing issues facing the profession. This year’s focus will be on displacement, gentrification, and dispossession.

Each conference site has its own webpage and registration process:

Each site also has its own lineup of panels on Friday, including topics as diverse as climate change, public housing, street vending and global capital, commercial real estate, the green new deal, right to the city, eviction protection, alternative food systems, LQBTQ space, and more.

Some sites will host Planners Network’s famous mobile workshops on Saturday, in which conference attendees tour or work with local community partners on their pressing issues.

The Plenary Panel

Friday, June 21, 1:30 pm - 2:30 pm EST

The Plenary panel will be streamed to all sites. Please check back for information on how to view the plenary panel at your local chapter.


  • Saki Hall, Cooperation Jackson
  • Mia White, New School for Social Research

We anticipate that some of the presentations delivered at this conference will be published in the online magazine, Progressive City: Radical Alternatives (