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January/February 2000

January/February 2000 Self Determination and Planning

January/February 2000  Self Determination and Planning Selected Feature The Seventh Generation  By Eve Baron Self Determination and..

January 30, 2000

São Paulo Squat

By Barbara Lynch A highlight of the Planner’s Network trip to Brazil was our December 11 visit to a squat on a lively commercial..

January 18, 2000

Indigenous Planning and Tribal Community Development

by Ted Jojola What we ask of America is not charity, not paternalism, even when benevolent.  We ask only that the nature of our situation..

January 18, 2000

Self-Determination and Planning

by Eve Baron During the winter of 1990 an Associated Press photograph of a young Mohawk man dressed in camouflage fatigues appeared in the..

January 18, 2000

7th generation

By Eve Baron Native Americans have been in the news quite a bit in the last few years›striking it rich with casinos; making hefty..

January 18, 2000
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