Disorientation Guide

What does it mean to be a “progressive” or “radical” planner? And what kind of power do planners have to enact change?

The Planners Network Disorientation Guide attempts to orient folks new to the field of urban and regional planning to ideas, concepts, and practices linked to progressive or radical planning traditions.

Reimagined 20 years after its first iteration, the Disorientation Guide features a range of articles, interviews, and excerpts sourced from progressive planning academics and practitioners. In addition, the guide includes additional resources with links to grassroots organizations, non-profits, and academic research groups involved in progressive city-building practices.

It is our hope that this guide can help to inspire positive ways forward amid present challenges and offer a lens into the kinds of alternative visions and practices that planning can be.

The guide can be downloaded in PDF format below – please print, share, and distribute!

Disorientation Guide 2024 (19.8 MB)