Student Disorientation Guide

The PN Disorientation Guide is now available online, in time to reach out to students puzzling over the content of their planning education. Compiled through the collaborative efforts of a team of PN students and activists, the guide reflects many of the issues and challenges each generation of would-be planners encounters as they begin in the field.

Along with articles that challenge current planning and educational paradigms, it also contains dozens of ideas for events and activities. Students and professors are encouraged to print out and distribute copies at orientation sessions and organizing meetings.

Originally intended to aid student organizing efforts, the Disorientation Guide reflects the thoughts and resources of a broad spectrum of PN members and can also be read as a snapshot of PN thinking and activities. It has inspired us to consider many different follow-up projects, such as a comprehensive timeline of progressive planning, formalized resource databanks, popular education workshops, or even an anonymously written review of planning schools. Your feedback on both the Guide and these future endeavors is welcome. We hope the Disorientation Guide inspires you to continue to think creatively about the planning field.

The guide can be downloaded in PDF format below – please print, share, and distribute!

Disorientation Guide 2004-2005 (2 MB) 
Note: Contact address in guide updated in 2007.