Our New Statement of Principles

The Planners Network Steering Committee developed a new statement of principles in November, 2021. View the statement here.

Activism in the Real Estate State

Writing in Capital City, Samuel Stein outlined the challenges for urban planning in a time when tenant activism is one of the few counterweights aligned against powerful interests in real estate as a financialized investment.

Drawing from the work of housing activists from Montreal, Toronto and Vancouver, this discussion, held on January 25th, reflects on strategies and struggles for housing justice in a time of growing housing precarity and evictions.

What is Planners Network?

Planners Network is a coordinated network of individual members and of chapters based in cities, regions, and campuses around North America, also known as Turtle Island, and beyond. We publish the online magazine Progressive City, distribute a monthly newsletter, participate in and lead advocacy and organizing efforts, host public events, and gather for conferences.

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Planners Network is a 501 (3) (c) non-profit organization.