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Planners Network resolution on the Planning Accreditation Board’s proposed changes to the accreditation diversity criteria

November 27, 2015 by nrantisi in Uncategorized

Planners Network resolution on the Planning Accreditation Board’s proposed changes to the accreditation diversity criteria.

Whereas, The Planners Network is a group, nearly 1000 members strong, of progressive urban planning practitioners, students, activists and scholars with interests in the socially just development of the communities in which we work and live, and

Whereas, issues of racial and class segregation, displacement, gentrification, exclusion and disempowerment plague many, if not most, of the nation’s cities, and

Whereas, there is overwhelming evidence that blacks and Latinos are unfairly targeted and prosecuted in the nation’s criminal justice system, all of which compound disparities in wealth and add further headwinds to progress on urban planning’s century-long emphasis on improving access to opportunities, and

Whereas, blacks and Hispanics lost more home equity and overall wealth than white households during the great recession – a reflection again upon the unequal urban processes at play in our nation’s cities[i], and

Whereas, during the mid-2000s housing bubble, blacks receiving mortgages were subjected to worse loan terms than whites with the same credit risk levels[ii], and minority mortgage applicants are still, today, more likely to be turned away from loans compared to whites with similar credit risks[iii], and

Whereas, minority children are more segregated into minority-heavy schools than they were 30 years ago and nearly 15% of black and Latino students attend “apartheid schools” where whites make up less than 1% of the enrollment[iv], and

Whereas, a social movement is growing in this country, under various banners such as Black Lives Matter, the Dreamers, and the Fight for $15, to bring attention to these issues, and others, and to directly confront their causes in various sectors of activity, from schooling, policing, to urban planning and policy[v], and

Whereas, it is painfully obvious that most processes of segregation and exclusion described above, among too many other similarly painful issues left out of this brief list, both affect and are affected by the ways in which and by whom and for whom our cities are planned and operate, and

Whereas, it is the stated ethical position of the urban planning profession to “strive to expand choice and opportunity for all persons, recognizing a special responsibility to plan for the needs of disadvantaged groups and persons (italics added)”[vi], and

Whereas, it is clearly evident that at this time in the history of the country, that issues of racial integration, diversity, voice and opportunity are central to imagining and creating that expanded choice for all persons, and

Whereas, diversity in the professions of urban planning and related fields is essential to truly addressing issues of racial integration and improvements to opportunity for all, and

Whereas, the racial imbalance in planning programs persists, and

Whereas, the Planning Accreditation Board (PAB), the entity charged with accrediting graduate and undergraduate planning programs in North America, has substantive influence over the organization and operations of planning departments, and

Whereas, the PAB has proposed changes to the accreditation criteria that would weaken the sections on diversity,

And, the Planners of Color Interest Group of ACSP has noted their objections to these changes,

Be it resolved that: The executive committee of the Planners Network resolves to join in the appeal by the Planners of Color Interest Group of ACSP to reject the proposed changes to the PAB standards that relate to diversity in faculty and students, and to social justice and equity in the curriculum. We support the call for the PAB to seek consultation on their expressed legal concerns from those with legal expertise, and to actively seek broader input from its own Diversity Task Force and the members of the organizations it regulates before revising the standards. PAB’s proposed changes weaken the diversity and social justice mandates within the planning profession at a time when these mandates are critical to achieving racial, social, and economic justice.


Fall 2015: Detroit: It’s Not Blight vs. Development, It’s Race

Fall 2015: Detroit: It's Not Blight vs. Development, It's Race

Fall 2015: Detroit: It’s Not Blight vs. Development, It’s Race

The Seventh Generation


  • Race, Regionalism and Reconciliation: Detroit Planning Fails the Three Rs
    by Peter J. Hammer
  • What’s on the Surface: Aesthetic Divides in Signage, Muraling, and Other Forms of Surface Treatment in a “Renewing” Detroit Landscape
    by Siobhan Gregory
  • Urban Agriculture in Detroit: It’s not a “Food Desert,” It’s about Food Sovereignty
    by Alex B. Hill
  • Black and Blight
    by Andrew Herscher


  • Interpreting and Confronting Cutbacks to Public Transit in Your Community
    by Luke K. Norman and Joe Grengs
  • Evicting the Evicted: Five Misleading Rationales for Homeless Camp Evictions
    by Chris Herring
  • Prisons and Teaching: Destabilizing the Margins and Center
    by Justin Steil, Arianna Martinez, Rashauna Johnson, and Sarita Daftary-Steel
  • All that Glitters Is Not Gold: The Not-So-Hidden Agenda Behind re:code LA
    by Dick Platkin
  • Fair Housing and Beyond: Some Elusive Principles for Social Change
    by Peter Marcuse
  • Brazil and India in Mozambique: Powering Green Growth or High-carbon Development?
    by Joshua Kirshner

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Call for Article Submissions, Progressive Planning Magazine

November 21, 2015 by nrantisi in Uncategorized

Call for Article Submissions, Progressive Planning Magazine

PNers! Want to share a progressive planning story relating to affordable housing, sustainable transport, social justice-focused urban design, issues of accessibility in the city, refugees, food security, public space, exclusionary/inclusionary zoning, equity planning, resisting gentrification (private-led or state-led), participatory budgeting or other planning-related topics? Consider submitting an article to the Magazine and sharing your planning experiences and insights! Below are the Magazine’s ‘Guidelines for Submission’.

Progressive Planning seeks articles that describe and analyze progressive physical, social, economic and environmental planning in urban and rural areas. Articles may be up to 2,000 words. They should be addressed to PN’s broad audience of professionals, activists, students and academics, and be straightforward and jargon-free. Following a journalistic style, the first paragraph should summarize the main ideas in the article. A few suggested readings may be mentioned in the text, but do not submit footnotes or a bibliography. The editors may make minor style changes, but any substantial rewriting or changes will be checked with the author. A photograph or illustration may be included. Submissions by email are greatly appreciated.

Please note that while we work with authors to help them fit the Progressive Planning Magazine style, format, and themes, we cannot accept all articles that have been submitted. The typical article goes through three layers of editing: editing by a theme or issue editor, an overview editor, and a copy editor. December 15 is the deadline for submission for the next issue and March 15 for the issue that follows.  Send articles to <>.  Before drafting and submitting an article,  we recommend that you review some sample past articles by visiting: <>.  The most recent issue (Fall issue), which includes articles on Detroit, will be posted on our website soon.

Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning, Local Technical Assistance Program – Assistant /Associate Planners (LTA092015)

November 19, 2015 by nrantisi in Uncategorized

Local Technical Assistance Program – Assistant /Associate Planners (LTA092015) 

Company/Agency: Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning;                                                                               Job Category: Assistant / Associate Planners                                                                                                     Experience Required: 0 to 2 years (Assistant); 3 to 5 years (Associate)                                                                 Salary Range: Assistant: $45,000 – $55,803/ Associate: $54,000 – $66,933

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning (CMAP) is seeking to hire two full-time employees to help advance the Local Technical Assistance (LTA) program and contribute to the agency’s long-range planning. The positions will be filled at the Assistant or Associate level. Compensation will be commensurate with qualifications and experience.

CMAP was created in 2005 to integrate planning for land use and transportation in the counties of Cook, DuPage, Kane, Kendall, Lake, McHenry, and Will. In October 2010, CMAP released GO TO 2040, the region’s long-range comprehensive plan. The agency is now focusing on implementing the plan, which includes technical assistance to local governments as a major activity. For more information on GO TO 2040, visit

Position Description:  The position is primarily expected to contribute to the LTA program. This program was initiated in spring 2011 to create new resources for technical assistance and coordinate with existing technical assistance activities. It has resulted in a series of innovative local projects in the Chicago region that support livability principles, implement GO TO 2040, and build capacity in local communities. Over 100 projects have been completed to date, with 50 more underway. Projects include comprehensive plans, corridor or subarea plans, zoning revisions, studies of special topics such as housing or economic development, and similar planning activities. This program requires travel throughout the region; candidates must have the ability and willingness to work with communities across the region. To obtain more information on the LTA program, please visit The position may also be asked to contribute to other CMAP activities, including but not limited to the update of GO TO 2040, which is due in October 2018, as well as the agency’s general activities in policy, programming, and planning.

Responsibilities:  Essential functions of this position are to: • Manage and support local plans produced through CMAP’s LTA program. • Incorporate the principles of GO TO 2040 into local plans. • Contribute to all elements of local plan development, including research, analysis, mapping, writing, stakeholder engagement, and public outreach. • Establish and maintain strong relationships with local project sponsors and partner organizations, and communicate CMAP’s principles effectively. • Work as part of multidisciplinary teams and contribute to complex projects.

Qualifications:  CMAP will recruit two planners at the Assistant or Associate level with the knowledge, experience, and skills to assist with the development and implementation of local plans, focusing primarily on the intersection between transportation and land use.

The successful candidate must demonstrate: ? Knowledge of local planning practice in northeastern Illinois, including plan and ordinance preparation, development review, and the role of appointed and elected officials. ? Understanding of the links between transportation, land use, housing, economic development, taxation, environment and natural resources, and community development. ? Ability to provide technical assistance, conducts trainings and workshops, and develops innovative, collaborative solutions to build local capacity. ? Experience working with elected officials and local government staff in designing and implementing policies, strategies, and regulatory approaches that support sustainability and address socioeconomic inequities. ? Excellent written and oral communication skills. ? Interest and ability to interact with partner agencies, local governments, and the general public. ? Ability to manage and contribute to complex projects and to work as part of a multidisciplinary team.

Beyond these general qualifications, the position is expected to help advance the LTA program in specific ways. It is not expected that any single candidate will be able to contribute in all of these areas, so candidates should specify which of these best match their experience and skills. All of these represent potential areas of expansion and growth for the LTA program. Specific areas of interest include: ? Transportation planning. This includes experience with the development of local transportation plans. Transportation plans produced by CMAP through the LTA program typically are multi-modal in nature and conducted at the corridor or municipal level. Experience, knowledge, or interest in freight is particularly desired. ? Ordinances and development regulations. As the LTA program continues to expand its technical assistance offerings beyond producing plans, projects that involve zoning ordinances, subdivision regulations, development review processes, and other development regulations will increase in importance, and candidates with this type of experience are desired. ? Municipal governance and operations. The most common sponsor of LTA projects are municipalities. Developing implementable recommendations requires an understanding of municipal capacity, and plans often directly recommend actions to improve municipal governance and operations. Experience working with lower-capacity municipalities, either on staff or as a consultant, is desired. ? Outreach and engagement. A hallmark of CMAP’s planning work is active and innovative engagement of stakeholders and the general public.

Candidates with demonstrated experience or interest in outreach and engagement are desired. It is understood that candidates at the Assistant level will have limited work experience, but they should demonstrate strong interest and familiarity with the topics addressed by CMAP. Candidates at the Associate level are expected to have several years of direct work experience in relevant topics. At both levels, demonstrated ability to contribute to complex projects and work as part of a team is required. Education and/or Experience A Bachelor’s degree in Planning or a related discipline is required, and a Master’s degree is preferred for both the Associate and Assistant level. At least 3 to 5 years of work experience in planning is required for the Associate level; candidates with 0 to 2 years of experience are better suited for the Assistant level.

How to Apply:  Applicants should apply online at

Posting End Date This posting will close on December 6, 2015.

The Chicago Metropolitan Agency for Planning is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

Group Head – Human Settlements, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

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Group Head – Human Settlements, International Institute for Environment and Development (IIED)

Contract type: Permanent, full time.

Salary: £62,459 – £72,297 per annum depending on experience, plus benefits.

Location: London

IIED is looking for a senior research professional to manage and lead its Human Settlements Group. This exciting opportunity would be ideal for someone interested in urbanization issues – including urban poverty, climate change and inclusive and equitable development, and who has a proven track record in leadership and research at a global level.

Working in collaboration with partner organisations and individuals in low- and middle-income countries our Human Settlements Group has been leading the field on urban issues including urban poverty, rural-urban linkages, urbanization and development and climate change adaptation.

The post holder will coordinate the development and implementation of the Human Settlements Group’s strategy into the post-2015 phase. She/he will promote interdisciplinary work within the Group and across Groups, and assist in the international advocacy of the Group and the Institute in line with IIED’s Strategic Plan.

Applicants will have: substantial research experience across a range of countries and a strong record of publications relevant to urban development in low- and middle-income nations; a PhD in a relevant topic is desirable; and strong leadership, staff management and fundraising skills together with the ability to build teams, oversee budgets, and demonstrable experience in advocacy and external relations. Excellent communications and interpersonal skills will also be needed.

If you are interested and would like to find out more please download the recruitment pack on the IIED website

IIED is committed to diversity and equal opportunities. Applications are welcome from all duly qualified candidates who meet the stated criteria.

Closing date: 30 November at 10am

Panel Interviews: 18 December

Assistant Lecturer, Equity Planning, Faculty of Environmental Studies, York University, Toronto

November 14, 2015 by nrantisi in Uncategorized

The Faculty of Environmental Studies (FES) at York University, Toronto, invites applications for a tenure?track alternate?stream appointment at the rank of Assistant Lecturer in  Equity Planning and Policy to commence July 1, 2016. A PhD in a related field or equivalent (must include a graduate degree with extensive professional experience) at the time of appointment. Membership in the Ontario Professional Planners Institute (OPPI) and/or Canadian Institute of Planners (CIP) is also required. The Faculty of Environmental Studies supports a large accredited graduate program in Planning and a large specialization in Urban and Regional Environments in our BES program. The responsibilities of this position are centred on teaching, advising, and service.

We are seeking applications from candidates with excellent planning and teaching records, especially suited to the student?directed, interdisciplinary, experiential and equity?oriented pedagogy of our Faculty. The successful candidate should be able to contribute to both the undergraduate and the graduate programs. A commitment to the social justice and environmental protection mandate of the Faculty is important; teaching experience should include teaching about the environment in relation to race, disability, gender identity, sexuality and class. Areas of expertise could include transportation, housing, immigration, infrastructure, and community development, among others.

The successful candidate will have the potential to coordinate the Planning program. Experience working in professional planning contexts, especially with indigenous and marginalized communities, will be advantageous. Responsibilities may include undergraduate and graduate teaching, program advising, and supervision of major papers, projects and portfolios, as well as Faculty and university service, particularly curriculum development and innovation in course development and delivery; interest and experience in experiential education is an asset. The ability to contribute to one or more of the Faculty’s certificate or diploma programs as well as our major project initiatives is desirable.

FES is a unique interdisciplinary Faculty that adopts a broad definition of environment including natural, built, institutional and social environments. The Faculty has a strong social and environmental justice commitment, and values community?engaged learning and action, including arts?based inquiry, production and dissemination. More information about the Faculty of Environmental Studies is available at

York University is an Affirmative Action (AA) employer and strongly values diversity, including gender and sexual diversity, within its community. The AA Program, which applies to Aboriginal people, visible minorities, people with disabilities, and women, can be found at or by calling the AA office at 416?736?5713. All qualified candidates are encouraged to apply; however, Canadian citizens and permanent residents will be given priority.

A letter of application with an up?to?date curriculum vitae, a teaching and/or planning portfolio including a statement of teaching interests and approaches, and the names and full contact information for three academic and/or professional references (at least two of the references must be academic) should be sent to the address below by  January 15, 2016.

Lisa Dennis

Secretary to Search Committee

Faculty of Environmental Studies

Room 126

York University

4700 Keele Street

Toronto, Ontario, Canada M3J 1P3

Tel: 416?736?5252Email:

City and County of San Francisco – Transportation Policy Planner

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5278 Planner II – Transportation Policy Planner

Salary: $36.28 – $44.09/hour; $6,288.00 – $7,642.00/month; $75,452.00 – $91,702.00/year

Application deadline: 11/12/15

Appointment Type:

Permanent Exempt (PEX), Full-Time appointment not to exceed three (3) years. This position is exempt from the Civil Service rules pursuant to San Francisco Charter Section 10.104-18 and serves at the discretion of Appointing Officer.

There is a potential that this position may be approved for Permanent Civil Service (PCS) in the future. If/When approved as a PCS position, the candidate selected for this position will be required to participate, be successful, and reachable in the 5291 Planner III examination and then selected through an open competitive process in order to be considered for Permanent appointment.


The San Francisco Planning Department has an opening for a 5291 Planner III to work on complex planning work relating to the design of the built environment in our Current Planning Division.

The San Francisco Planning Department plays a central role in guiding the growth and development in our City. The Department works with other City agencies and the community to help achieve great planning for a great city.

Our mission, under the direction of the Planning Commission, shapes the future of San Francisco and region by: generating an extraordinary vision for the General Plan and in neighborhood plans; fostering exemplary design through planning controls; improving our surroundings through environmental analysis; preserving our unique heritage; encouraging a broad range of housing and a diverse job base; and enforcing the Planning Code.

The Department serves a broad range of constituents, including the citizens of San Francisco, community organizations, elected and appointed policymakers, builders, architects, property owners, tenants, and advocacy groups. All rely on the City’s General Plan and the Planning Code to achieve the City’s development goals.

Current Planning staff help shape the physical development of the City. Planners are responsible for guiding projects through the building permit and land use entitlement process to ensure compliance with the San Francisco Planning Code, San Francisco’s General Plan, zoning regulations, and relevant design guidelines. Planners are responsible for reviewing project applications, processing Neighborhood Notifications for changes of use and residential expansions, implementing the historic preservation work program, and operating the Planning Information Center.

This is an opportunity to work in a dynamic, inter-disciplinary, and innovative department and share in our vision to make San Francisco the worlds’ most livable urban place – environmentally, economically, socially and culturally.

Position Description:

Under general direction, the Planner II performs journey level planning work. The Planner II is responsible for conducting investigations and performing analyses to prepare reports and recommendations pertaining to complex planning issues and problems. The Planner II may provide project management or independent work on minor planning projects. The Planner II may perform supervised work individually or as part of a project team.

The essential functions of the Planner II positions in the Citywide Planning Division include, but are not limited to:

Examples of Essential Duties:

  • Assisting in the development of long-range citywide or neighborhood plans and programs;
  • Assisting in the preparation, revision and updating of the General Plan and/or Planning Code;
  • Assisting with community outreach and engagement processes;
  • Preparing recommendations for Department, Planning Commission and other city Commissions/Boards actions;
  • Providing information orally and in writing to city agencies, property owners, developers, community organizations, the Planning Commission and the general public;
  • Interpreting and explaining legal, technical and procedural aspects of planning work to agencies and members of the public;
  • Conducting site and field inspections and conducting surveys and interviews to obtain data;
  • Preparing computer based and hard copy graphic materials;
  • Designing and preparing graphic presentations to illustrate planning and development concepts;
  • Conducting research studies and formulating recommendations to assist in planning policies;
  • Providing zoning and permitting information to the general public, including shifts at the Planning Information Counter.
  • Processing relevant planning applications and referrals, including: General Plan Referrals, Preliminary Project Assessments, and Community Plan Exemptions; and

Specific Tasks related to Transportation Policy Planning include: assisting in development of long-range transportation policies and proposals, reviewing and analyzing transportation-related data, and assisting with transportation-related components of community planning work. Desired skills include strong understanding of transportation planning and design principles, including all travel modes, understanding of transportation demand management policy and best practices, ability to review and perform transportation analysis and modeling or simulation, and understanding of federal and state regulations and funding programs relating to transportation capital projects.

Incumbents in this job code may be required to attend evening and weekend meetings, occasionally held in community locations.


  1. Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university AND two (2) years (4,000 hours) verifiable full-time-equivalent experience in city, regional, urban or transportation planning, urban design, historic preservation, architectural or environmental review or other related field; OR
  2. Possession of a baccalaureate degree from an accredited college or university in City, Regional, or Urban Planning, or a closely related field such as Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Geography, Urban Studies, Public Administration, Physical Sciences, Historic Preservation, or Environmental Studies AND one (1) year (2,000 hours) verifiable full-time-equivalent experience in city, regional, urban or transportation planning, urban design, historic preservation, architectural or environmental review or other related field; OR
  3. Possession of a Master’s degree from an accredited college or university in City, Regional, or Urban Planning, or a closely related field such as Architecture, Landscape Architecture, Geography, Urban Studies, or Environmental Studies.

 Desirable Qualifications

The stated desirable qualifications may be used to identify job finalists at the end of the selection process when candidates are referred for hiring.

  • Knowledge, skills, or experience with urban planning, land use planning and transportation planning, including experience with integrated land use and transportation planning.
  • Strong written, oral, and graphical communication skills and the ability to interact effectively and maintain cooperative working relationship with peers, staff, outside agencies, and the community.
  • Strong interpersonal skills, professionalism, and responsibility and the ability to work collegially on team projects
  • Ability to effectively handle multiple projects and demands within deadlines.


Applications for City and County of San Francisco jobs are being accepted through an online process. Visit: to register an account, and view this complete job announcement for application submission requirements.

Participatory Budgeting Project Coordinator, Seattle

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$32.97 – $38.38 Hourly


Seattle Municipal Tower, 700 5th Ave., Seattle, Washington


Temporary – Non-Benefit Eligible




Department of Neighborhoods


PTE, Local 17 – Professionals


10/27/15 04:00 PM Pacific Time


The Seattle Department of Neighborhoods (DON) works to bring government closer to community members across Seattle by engaging them in civic participation, helping them become empowered to make positive contributions to their communities, and by involving more of Seattle’s under-represented residents, including communities of color and immigrants, in civic discourse, processes and opportunities. The department motto is “Strengthening Seattle by actively engaging all communities.”

This Planning and Development Specialist II-BU position will serve as the Project Coordinator for the participatory budgeting pilot initiative. The pilot will run from October 2015 through June 2016, culminating in the public selection of community-generated and prioritized projects that will be implemented by the City. This position will be instrumental in ensuring the pilot stays on track and on time – coordinating and planning multiple public meetings, working closely with community groups and City departments, facilitating the overall process and providing other strategic and communications support for the pilot. The Project Coordinator will work closely with the Project Manager and Community Investments Strategic Advisor to implement the pilot.


  • Lead the planning and logistics coordination for large scale public meetings, meetings of community volunteers to develop project proposals, and meetings for public voting on projects.
  • Create and maintain content for the pilot’s website and other social media platforms.
  • Design surveys and other data collection methodologies to document and evaluate the pilot.
  • Interface with local government, non-profit institutions, and schools to promote the project.
  • Track project budget and deliverables to ensure the pilot meets major milestones and deadlines.
  • Assist community volunteers with developing spending proposals and vetting proposals with City officials and agency representatives.
  • Working with the Project Manager, facilitate meetings and group discussions with youth in schools and community settings.
  • Working with the Project Manager, develop communications and information on the pilot for the public and other targeted audiences.


Required Qualifications:

  • Demonstrated organizational and project coordination skills, including the ability to prioritize large volumes of work.
  • Ability to work collaboratively with a group of peers as well as independently.
  • Experience working with various stakeholders with competing interests on challenging and dynamic projects.
  • Ability to communicate clearly and succinctly, both verbally and in writing, to a range of audiences.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office.
  • Two years of experience in planning and research related to land use, urban economics, human services, environmental issues, conservation; or other work directly related to city planning and development; and a baccalaureate degree in planning, urban design, environmental studies, public administration, or related field (or a combination of education and/or training and/or experience which provides an equivalent background required to perform the work of the class).

Desired Qualifications:

  • At least two years of performing related work with progressively increasing responsibilities.
  • Strong computer skills including proficiency with a number of social media platforms.
  • Experience working with community organizations and local government, preferably in Seattle.


  • Please include a resume and cover letter with your application.

Want to learn more about the Seattle Department of Neighborhoods? Check out our website at




Job #2015-01383

If you are unable to apply on-line you may submit a paper application by the closing date to our office.


Seattle Municipal Tower

700 5th Avenue, Suite 5500

Seattle, WA 98104


The City of Seattle is an Equal Opportunity Employer that is committed to diversity in the workplace. AmeriCorps, Peace Corps, and other national service alumni who meet the required qualifications are encouraged to apply. Accommodations for people with disabilities are provided on request. The City is a Drug Free Workplace.

Summer 2015: Latin Americas, North and South

Summer 2015: Latina Americas, North and South

Summer 2015: Latina Americas, North and South

The Seventh Generation

  • The Politics of Planning in Latin America and the Latino US
    by Samuel Stein, Clara Irazábal

Latin Americas, North and South

  • The Political Ecology Approach to Planning in a Global World: A Latin-American Perspective
    by Liliana Giraldo Arias
  • The Contradictions of Cooperative Institutions in Pindoyú, Paraguay
    by Kathryn Peters
  • Fighting for Planning for the First Time in Fortaleza, Brazil
    by Clarissa Sampaio Freitas
  • The Damage from Mega-Sporting Events in Brazil
    by J. Justin Woods
  • Call for Papers: Detroit, Fall, 2015
  • The Social Struggle for Public Spaces in Guayaquil, Ecuador
    by Luis Alfonso Saltos Espinoza
  • Yachay, City of Knowledge: A Catalyst of Territorial (In)Equity and Social (In)Justice in Equador
    by Juan Carlos Maquilón Tapia
  • Displacing the Dead, Disregarding the Living: Public Space and Cemetery Planning in Bogotá, Colombia
    by Christien Klaufus
  • Paradise Misappropriated: The Case of Touristic Gated Communities in Lyford Cay and Clifton Bay, Bahamas
    by Samar Al-Skaff, Nasr Chamma, Hanna Ibrahim, Alexandra Kallab, Christelle Lahoud, Andrey Levchenko
  • Planned but Mostly Unimplemented: Large Scale Green Infrastructure in Arid Northern Mexico Cities
    by Gabriel Díaz Montemayor
  • Diálogo on the Border: Planning for Latino Communities in South Texas
    by Edna Ledesma, Cecilia Giusti, Bara Safarova, Larry Vasquez, Esther Valles Rojas
  • Economic Restructuring and the Roosevelt Avenue Business Improvement District
    by Arturo Ignacio Sánchez
  • An Activist’s Response to School Closing: A Residential Teacher’s Village in a Gentrifying Puerto Rican Community
    by Ivis García

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Job Ad – Planning position, McCamant & Durrett Architects, California

August 27, 2015 by nrantisi in Announcements, Jobs

McCamant & Durrett Architects

If you want to learn from the best about creating, managing and developing Cohousing communities and you have the desire to commit to a twelve month internship, this is an amazing opportunity to work with and learn directly from Charles Durrett, the foremost U.S. expert on designing sustainable communities from the ground up.

This is what you will learn on the job:

  • Site search, project feasibility, negotiating property
  • Working effectively with a group
  • Planning
  • Urban Design
  • Building a Team
  • Project budgets
  • Public presentations
  • Working thru political approvals and entitlements
  • Construction management
  • Keeping a construction project on budget
  • Community Development Activist

Here is what you need to bring to the table to be eligible for this program:

  • Great writing and editing
  • A love of project management
  • A love of research

An understanding of marketing plus the ability to:

  • Use WordPress, Social Media and Constant Contact

If you already have skills and are excited about working as an innovative member of the Cohousing Design and Planning team and creating an exciting career, please send your resume to:

Thanks very much,

Charles Durrett

McCamant & Durrett Architects

Social Media
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