Legal Information and Bylaws

Non Profit Materials

Planners Network is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. As required by Internal Revenue Code 6104(e), its tax-exempt status application (8734 and ST119.2) and tax forms (990) are available for public inspection during regular business hours at the PN office. Please contact info(at)plannersnetwork(dot)org for more information.

Copyright Permissions

Progressive Planning magazine is published quarterly by Planners Network, Inc., a non-profit corporation in the State of New York. Copyright is held by Planners Network. Reprinting and distribution of portions of this magazine and web site for for non-commercial purposed are encouraged. There is no need to ask permission for such uses. Reprints for commercial purposes require written permission of the publisher. Contact the Editorial Office, Hunter College Department of Urban Planning, 695 Park Ave., New York, NY 10021, tangotti(at)hunter(dot)cuny(dot)edu, fax 212-772-5593.


Download the Bylaws (as revised October 2009) (90 KB).