Year: 1999

Progressive Planning Magazine back issues September/October 1999 Table of Contents

September/October 1999 The Growth Machine

Selected Feature The Growth Machine Goes to the Inner City  By Dwayne Wyatt The Seventh Generation: Alternatives to the Growth Machine  By Dick Platkin and Ben Rosenbloom, Guest Editors The Auto Drives the Growth Machine  By Aaron Golub Profit Drives […]

July/August 1999 Progressive Planning Magazine back issues Table of Contents

July/August 1999 Immigration and Community

Selected Feature Transnationalism not Assimilation By Arturo Sanchez PN 99 At Lowell: Labor and Community Meet  By Marie Kennedy and Chris Tilly Contesting Mythic America: Community-based Citizenship Education for Immigrants By Laura Y. Liu Transnational and Local Communities: How Mexican […]

May/June 1999

Worker Coops

By Chitra Somayaji Cooperatives come in several types: producer-owned, consumer-owned, and worker-owned, the last being our focus here. Unlike ESOPs, pure worker coops are 100% controlled by the worker-owners, normally on a one-person one-vote basis (although some coops have hired […]

1999 January/February 1999 Progressive Planning Magazine back issues Table of Contents

January/February 1999 Iraq and War

Pedagogy Planning’s Radical Project: What’s the Pedagogy?  by Leonie Sandercock Housing Putting Housing on the Unions’ Agenda  by Chris Baker, Annica Cooper, Sahyeh Fattahi, Paula Bingham Goldstein, Jimmy Gomez, Daniel Inlender, Jacqueline Leavitt, Erika Licon, and Paula Sirola Post-modernism/Planning The […]