University Representatives

Planners Network University Representatives are local PN contacts that help facilitate local, national, and international networking. If you have questions about progressive planning or PN activities at a certain school, in your area, or somewhere else, feel free to contact the closest representative.

If you would like to be a representative at your university, contact: chapters(at)plannersnetwork(dot)org. Representatives are expected to encourage students and faculty to join and participate in PN, respond to local inquiries about PN, and hold PN info sessions at their school. Please click here for the University Representative FAQ!

United States

  • Auburn University
    Boyu Liu (student) – liuboyuafd(at)gmail(dot)com
  • Cal Poly Pomona 
    Gwen Urey (faculty) – gurey(at)csupomona(dot)edu
  • City University of New York (Hunter College) 
    Tom Angotti (faculty) – tangotti(at)hunter(dot)cuny(dot)edu
  • Iowa State University
    Francis Owusu (faculty) – fowusu(at)iastate(dot)edu
  • Columbia University (New York City)
    Clara Irazábal (faculty) – irazabal(dot)zurita(at)columbia(dot)edu
  • Morgan State University 
    Siddhartha Sen (faculty) – ssen(at)jewel(dot)morgan(dot)edu
  • Portland State University 
    Sy Adler (faculty) – adlers(at)pdx(dot)edu
  • Pratt Institute 
    Meredith TenHoor (faculty) – m(at)mtenhoor(dot)net
    Ayse Yonder (faculty) – ayonder(at)pratt(dot)edu
  • University of Arizona 
    Corky Poster (faculty) – cposter(at)u(dot)arizona(dot)edu
  • University at Buffalo
    Robert M. Silverman (faculty) – rms35(at)buffalo(dot)edu
  • University of California Los Angeles 
    Jackie Leavitt (faculty) – jleavitt(at)ucla(dot)edu
  • University of California San Diego
    Keith Pezzoli (faculty) – kpezzoli(at)ucsd(dot)edu
  • University of Colorado Denver
    Jeremy Németh (faculty) – jeremy(dot)nemeth(at)ucdenver(dot)edu
    Jenny Steffel Johnson (faculty) – jennifer(dot)steffeljohnson(at)ucdenver(dot)edu
  • University of Illinois Chicago
    Sarah Cooper (student) – kensalo(at)illinois(dot)edu
  • University of Illinois Urbana Champaign 
    Ken Salo (faculty) – kensalo(at)illinois(dot)edu
  • University of Iowa 
    Charles Connerly (faculty) –
  • University of Maryland College Park
    Willow Lung-Amam (faculty) – lungamam(at)umd(dot)edu
  • University of Massachusetts Boston
    Ken Reardon (faculty) – Kenneth(dot)Reardon(at)umb(dot)edu
  • University of Massachusetts Lowell 
    Craig Thomas (alumnus) – craig_thomas(at)student(dot)uml(dot)edu
  • University of Michigan 
    Joe Grengs (faculty) – grengs(at)umich(dot)edu
  • University of Nebraska at Lincoln
    Ian Singh (student) – ian.singh(at)huskers(dot)unl(dot)edu
  • University of New Mexico 
    Claudia Isaac (faculty) – cisaac(at)unm(dot)edu
  • University of Oregon 
    Marc Schlossberg (faculty) – schlossb(at)darkwing(dot)uoregon(dot)edu
  • University of Pennsylvania
    Domenic Vitiello (faculty) – pndelawarevalley(at)gmail(dot)com
    Laura Wolf-Powers (faculty) –
  • University of Southern California 
    David Feinberg (student) – david.feinberg(at)usc(dot)edu
  • University of Texas at Arlington 
    Enid Arvidson (faculty) – enid(at)uta(dot)edu
  • University of Utah
    Stephen Golsdsmith (faculty) – stgoldsmith(at)gmail(dot)com
  • University of Washington 
    Branden Born (faculty) – bborn(at)u(dot)washington(dot)edu
  • University of Wisconsin Madison 
    Sue Thering (faculty) – sathering(at)wisc(dot)edu
  • Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University
    Mikhelle Taylor (student/staff) – taylor(at)vt(dot)edu


  • Concordia University 
    Norma Rantisi (faculty) – norma(dot)rantisi(at)gmail(dot)com
  • University of Manitoba 
    Richard Milgrom (faculty) – richardmilgrom(at)yahoo(dot)com
  • University of Toronto 
    Kanishka Goonewardena (faculty) – kanishka(at)geog(dot)utoronto(dot)ca
  • University of Waterloo 
    Markus Moos (faculty) – markus(dot)moos(at)uwaterloo(dot)ca
  • University of Winnipeg 
    Michael Dudley (faculty) – m(dot)dudley(at)uwinnipeg(dot)ca
  • York University 
    Jennifer Foster (faculty) – jfoster(at)yorku(dot)ca


  • University of Florence
    Camilla Perrone (faculty) – camilla(dot)perrone(at)unifi(dot)it