PN Student Memberships

Undergraduate and Graduate students of planning and allied fields are one of the most important groups in Planners Network. Student memberships are available for $25 a year ($15 in Mexico) and come with all the benefits of full membership. In addition, students may create chapters to strengthen progressive planning activities in their university or college.

Join Planners Network

Whether face-to-face, in print, or over the internet, PNers are part of a network that shares progressive ideas and experiences. Join Planners Network and make a difference while sharing your ideas and enthusiasm with others! Join PN by paying annual dues and receive:

To see full information about how to join, including the membership application, click here to join PN.

University Representatives

Check out our University Representatives page to see if a Professor or fellow student is a PN representative at your university. PN reps can answer questions about PN and support students interested in developing progressive planning activities at their school.

Student Disorientation Guide

Along with articles that challenge current planning and educational paradigms, the PN Student Disorientation Guide also contains dozens of ideas for events and activities. Students and professors are encouraged to print out and distribute copies at orientation sessions and organizing meetings. This is a great resource not just for students, but anyone who wants to be “disoriented” into the world of Progressive Planning.