University Reps: Frequently Asked Questions

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What are the roles of a University Representative?

A University Rep’s role is letting students know about PN and Progressive Planning magazine, and usually includes:
  1. Holding a PN informational event at least once annually for new students(see next question)
  2. Reaching out to students or faculty who may be interested in the possibility of joining PN or submitting an article for Progressive Planning magazine
  3. Agreeing to be listed on the PN website and responding to email inquiries
  4. Sharing PN news and announcements with members of the University through a listserv or other method
  5. Sharing announcements about the University’s progressive events and news with PN
  6. Assisting PN in finding a successor when the Rep can no longer fulfill his or her role
These roles are expected to take less than an hour a month on average. University Reps are also welcome to delegate tasks to others, so long as the University Rep can be the primary contact with Planners Network.

How and when should I hold an informational event?

Informational events typically are held at the beginning of each school year, but may be held any time. They may take the form of:
  • Holding an informational meeting
  • Tabling at a student activity fair
  • Short session at an introductory planning class
At the session, a University Rep should discuss PN’s mission, the PN International Conference, and common PN activities. PN can provide materials such as back issues of Progressive Planning magazine or the PDF “Student Disorientation Guide.” (Contact chapters(at)plannersnetwork(dot)org )

Who may be a University Representative?

University Representatives may be faculty, staff, or students. Faculty members are preferred, as they typically stay at a University longer than students, but anybody interested is welcome. In some cases, alumni may be University Reps, so long as they have a way to regularly reach and interact with current students.

Is this the same thing as forming a Planners Network chapter?

No. Chapters regularly hold events and campaigns throughout the year. They may be focused on a University, a city, or an entire region and may include students, faculty, professionals, community activists, or others. A chapter designates a “Chapter Contact” to keep the chapter in touch with PN. In contrast, a University Rep simply occasionally provides PN-related info to students and faculty.

Where can I find more information?