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Remaining House in Beira Rio, after neighboring houses were demolished. Photo by Natalie Southwick. Source:   As of 2015, the City of Rio’s own data showed that 22,059 families (an estimated 77,000 individuals) across the city had been evicted from their homes since 2009, whether in the name of environmental protection, moving people out of ‘areas of […]


Student Maribel Meza addressing the assembly, San Miguel Analco. Photo by Marie Kennedy. [In part one of this article, the meaning of transformative community planning for community development was explored, highlighting the importance of vesting decision-making in the people most affected by the problems being addressed. In brief, it is participatory planning that empowers the […]


Unleashing the creative energy of ordinary people wherever we work in the world. Photos by Marie Kennedy.   INTRODUCTION Transformative community planning is a way of working with communities across divisions. It is not based on the superficial pasting together of short-lived, issue specific coalitions, but on transforming relations between groups. In this sense, it […]

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