How to Organize a Local Chapter

  1. Review the information about chapters, the listings of chapter updates and events, and the chapter profiles in the Disorientation Guide, to learn about existing chapters and how they work.
  2. Contact local students, professors, and practitioners who might be interested, to establish a core organizing group. Send an announcement about the new chapter to the pn-net listserv and the PN e-newsletter, and look through the PN member directory to find local members.
  3. If there is enough local interest, schedule an open meeting to introduce people to Planners Network, discuss the potential roles and activities of a local chapter, and decide whether to establish a chapter. Order Planners Network promotional materials and magazines for your meeting in advance, by submitting a materials request form.
  4. Register your chapter with PN by submitting a local chapter registration form.
  5. Organize an initial public event, set up a local PN email listserv, connect with other local organizations, and get active!

The Planners Network can provide promotional materials and a chapter registration form to help with initial organizing. Please contact: chapters(at)plannersnetwork(dot)org to obtain these forms as well as more specific advice and information on organizing.

Download the Planners Network brochure to distribute at your next meeting!