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November/December 1999 Smart Growth

Selected Feature How Smarth Growth Can Save Growth  By Tom Angotti Oregon: Where’s the Growth Control?  by Kevin Adams Who Benefits..

November 30, 1999

Who Benefits From Smart Growth?

By Faisal Roble Politicians all over are hawking smart growth as a formula for enlightened urban development. They include everyone from..

November 12, 1999

Oregon: Where’s the Growth Control?

by Kevin Adams In September of 1998 I had a wonderful opportunity to serve another year in AmeriCorps National Service (“domestic..

November 12, 1999

How Smarth Growth Can Save Growth

By Tom Angotti I saw Lewis Mumford the other day. He was the beneficiary of a technological revolution in embalming (how ironic, he so..

November 12, 1999

September/October 1999 The Growth Machine

Selected Feature The Growth Machine Goes to the Inner City  By Dwayne Wyatt The Seventh Generation: Alternatives to the Growth Machine ..

September 30, 1999

Building New Identities: Book Review

By Catherine Diaz Possible Urban Worlds: Urban Strategies at the End of the 20th Century Edited by Richard Wolff, Andreas Schneider,..

September 12, 1999

Profit Drives the Growth Machine

By Rodney D. Green Profit maximization is at the heart of the Growth Machine. But the Growth Machine isn’t strictly a local or..

September 12, 1999

The Auto Drives the Growth Machine

By Aaron Golub Nothing defines and shapes post-war urban transportation in the United States more than the automobile. The strong links..

September 12, 1999

Alternatives to the Growth Machine

By Dick Platkin and Ben Rosenbloom, Guest Editors This issue of Planners Network is on the Urban Growth Machine, a popular model for..

September 12, 1999

The Growth Machine Goes to the Inner City

By Dwayne Wyatt The Growth Machine that gave us suburban sprawl is going to the inner city. But the benefits of the new urban megaprojects..

September 12, 1999
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