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January/February 1999

January/February 1999 Iraq and War

Pedagogy Planning’s Radical Project: What’s the Pedagogy?  by Leonie Sandercock Housing Putting Housing on the Unions’..

January 30, 1999

Privatization and Planning

  Privatization and Planning The Fall/Winter New York Planners Network Forum featured three sessions on Privatization that brought out..

January 12, 1999

Iraq Bombing : Another Lie

By Howard Zinn [Immediately after President Clinton announced the bombing of Iraq, Mother called Boston University..

January 12, 1999

Apocalypse Now

By Edward W. Said It would be a mistake, I think, to reduce what is happening between Iraq and the United States simply to an assertion of..

January 12, 1999

The Bombing of Iraq: U.S. War Crime

By Noam Chomsky The US and its increasingly pathetic British lieutenant want the world to understand – and in particular want the..

January 12, 1999

The Postmodern Opportunity for Planning

By Paul Niebanck We are living at a time of huge new promise and opportunity for progressive planning. Long constrained by the rigidities..

January 12, 1999

Putting Housing on the Unions’ Agenda

by Chris Baker, Annica Cooper, Sahyeh Fattahi, Paula Bingham Goldstein, Jimmy Gomez, Daniel Inlender, Jacqueline Leavitt, Erika Licon, and..

January 12, 1999

Planning’s Radical Project What’s the Pedagogy?

By Leonie Sandercock Twenty something years ago I wrote a book (my first) called Cities for Sale, which opened with the following..

January 12, 1999
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