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May/June 1999

May/June 1999 Labor and Community

Column The Seventh Generation by Tom Angotti Articles Organizing A Childcare Union In Philadelphia  By Peter Pitegoff Worker Coops By..

May 30, 1999

Immigrant Economies and New York City’s Garment Industry: Challenges for Community Development

By Tarry Hum Despite its dramatic and continued decline, apparel production remains the largest manufacturing industry in New York City. It..

May 12, 1999

The Uncertain Future Of Worker Ownership: Two Decades Of Lessons

By Len Krimerman Worker-owned enterprises, sometimes called “worker cooperatives,” have a long history, even in the United..

May 12, 1999

Employee Stock Ownership — ESOPS

By Corey Rosen If you’ve worn Gore-Tex lately or flown on United Airlines, you’ve patronized a company most of whose stock is..

May 12, 1999

Worker Coops

By Chitra Somayaji Cooperatives come in several types: producer-owned, consumer-owned, and worker-owned, the last being our focus here...

May 12, 1999

Organizing A Childcare Union In Philadelphia

By Peter Pitegoff “What an awesome gathering!” Kim Cook, a union organizer from Seattle, smiled as she looked around the..

May 12, 1999

Which Labor, Which Community?

On May 12, the largest union demonstration in years hit New York City streets. Workers from the public sector, services, and construction..

May 12, 1999
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