Winter 2012: Manufacturing: New Industries, Progressive Approaches?

Seventh Generation


  • Introduction to the Special Issue on Manufacturing (410 KB)
    By Jennifer Clark and Pierre Clavel
  • Planners and Manufacturing: An Uneasy Alliance (210 KB)
    By Robert Giloth
  • Job Creation Strategies to Accelerate the Return of U.S. Manufacturing
    By Susan Christopherson
  • Is There a Progressive Approach to Innovation Policy?
    By Jennifer Clark
  • The Promises and Pitfalls of Planned Manufacturing Districts: Lessons from Chicago
    By Joel Rast
  • In the Shadow of Real Estate, Linking Designers and Manufacturers in New York City
    By Sarah Crean
  • A Role for Manufacturing in the Real Estate Capital of the World? Furniture and Apparel in New York City
    By Lynn McCormick with Efrain Borrero, Samantha Imperatrice and Rupesh Manglavil
  • Chinatown and the Decline of Immigrant Garment Clusters in the Fashion Capital of the World
    By Tarry Hum
  • Atlanta: How to Remake Cities as Places for Twenty-First Century Manufacturing
    By Nathanael Z. Hoelzel and Nancey Green Leigh
  • Post-Industrial Restructuring? The Changing Regional Manufacturing Landscape in the U.S.
    By Marc Doussard and Greg Schrock
  • Designing an Urban Industrial Future: Philadelphia’s Lower Schuylkill River District
    By Laura Wolf-Powers
  • Manufacturing is not Dead: How to Track its Reemergence
    By Ron Kelly

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