Winter 2016: Gender Equality in Planning

Winter 2016: Gender Equality in Planning Loses a Champion
Winter 2016: Gender Equality in Planning Loses a Champion

The Seventh Generation

ACSP Conference Houston 2015

Gender Equality in Planning

  • UCLA Obituary: Jacqueline Leavitt (1939 – 2015)
  • Profile of Jackie Leavitt
    from PPM, Winter 2008
  • Jackie Leavitt: A People’s Planner
    by Peter Marcuse
  • Valuing the Traditional Urban Fabric through a Gender Lens
    by Regula Modlich-Evdemon
  • Equity Planning through Gender-sensitive Planning: The Case of Toronto’s Safer City Guidelines
    by Meghan Joy and Jessica Mustachi
  • How Our Neighborhoods Lost Food, and How They Can Get It Back
    by Geoff Boeing
  • Social Equity in Transportation Planning: A Community-Based Framework
    by Richard A. Marcantonio and Alex Karner

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