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Spring 2012: Occupy!

Seventh Generation


  • The Tactic of Occupation and the Movement of the 99 Percent
    by Jonathan Matthew Smucker
  • What Can We Do In Public? Lessons from Zuccotti Park
    by Manissa McCleave Maharawal
  • Occupy Nowhere: OWS After the Eviction
    by Samuel Stein
  • Keeping Space in its Place, in the Occupy Movements
    by Peter Marcuse
  • Occupiers and the Homeless: A Challenge for the Politics of Occupation
    by Rebecca Schein
  • Occupy Oakland and State Repression: The Struggle for Public Space (326 KB)
    by Mike King
  • Riding the Rails in Boston: Occupy Takes on Proposed Fare Increases and Service Cuts on Boston’s T
    by Chris Sturr
  • The Occupy Map: Put Your Voice on the Map
    by Lea Dyrup Jensen and Simon Mertner Vind
  • Occupy UCLA: Insurgent Spaces at a “Public” Campus
    by KT Bender and Andrew Newton
  • British Columbia Planning Students Plan to Occupy
    by Rupert Campbell, Josh Taylor, Debra Rolfe and Tamara White
  • Tahrir Square: The Production of Insurgent Space and Eighteen Days of Utopia (199 KB)
    by Nabil Kamel
  • Tahrir Square: Choosing the Right Place for the Wrong Reasons (589 KB)
    by Hazem Kandil
  • The Indignados of Coyoacán, Mexico: Window Into the Soul of a New Generation
    by Laura Collin
  • South Africa: Land Occupation as a Strategy for Agrarian Reform and Climate Justice
    by Sara Mersha

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