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Fall 2015: Detroit: It’s Not Blight vs. Development, It’s Race

Fall 2015: Detroit: It's Not Blight vs. Development, It's Race

Fall 2015: Detroit: It’s Not Blight vs. Development, It’s Race

The Seventh Generation


  • Race, Regionalism and Reconciliation: Detroit Planning Fails the Three Rs
    by Peter J. Hammer
  • What’s on the Surface: Aesthetic Divides in Signage, Muraling, and Other Forms of Surface Treatment in a “Renewing” Detroit Landscape
    by Siobhan Gregory
  • Urban Agriculture in Detroit: It’s not a “Food Desert,” It’s about Food Sovereignty
    by Alex B. Hill
  • Black and Blight
    by Andrew Herscher


  • Interpreting and Confronting Cutbacks to Public Transit in Your Community
    by Luke K. Norman and Joe Grengs
  • Evicting the Evicted: Five Misleading Rationales for Homeless Camp Evictions
    by Chris Herring
  • Prisons and Teaching: Destabilizing the Margins and Center
    by Justin Steil, Arianna Martinez, Rashauna Johnson, and Sarita Daftary-Steel
  • All that Glitters Is Not Gold: The Not-So-Hidden Agenda Behind re:code LA
    by Dick Platkin
  • Fair Housing and Beyond: Some Elusive Principles for Social Change
    by Peter Marcuse
  • Brazil and India in Mozambique: Powering Green Growth or High-carbon Development?
    by Joshua Kirshner

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