Spring 2016: Fighting Displacement in Barcelona

2016 Progressive Planning Magazine back issues Spring 2016 Table of Contents

Spring 2016: Fighting Displacement in Barcelona
Spring 2016: Fighting Displacement in Barcelona

The Seventh Generation


  • The Fight for Foote Homes: A peoples’ struggle to save public housing in Memphis, TN
    by Ken Reardon and Antonio Raciti
  • Getting Outside the Supermarket Box: Alternatives to “food deserts”
    by Megan Horst, Subhashni Raj, and Catherine Brinkley
  • Fighting Displacement in Barcelona and Beyond
    by Emily Achtenberg
  • Women at Periphery of Urban Planning: Subordinated informality, detached autonomy and resistance in São Paulo, Mumbai and Durban
    by Luciana Itikawa
  • Fixed Gear, Fixed Identify?: Equity, identity and urban cycling in Toronto
    by Ronja Sørensen
  • Fight Against Fracking in Rural Netherlands: From community meetings to decision-making
    by Paul Benneworth and Willem-Jan Velderman
  • Rio Mayor Demolishes Home of Prize-Winning ‘Woman Citizen’ on International Women’s Day
    by RioOnWatch, Brazil
  • Neighborhood Integrity Initiative: More pushback against real estate speculation in Los Angeles
    by Dick Platkin

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