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Fall 2011 Transportation, Accessibility and Equity

The Seventh Generation

Feature Articles

  • Public Transit’s Imperiled Future (153 KB)
    By Lisa Schweitzer
  • Getting There: Putting Accessibility into Practice for Progressive Transportation Planning
    By Jonathan Levine and Joe Grengs
  • What is Transportation Equity?
    By Tom Sanchez
  • Race, Class and Public Transit in the Motor City
    By Joel M. Batterman
  • Fruits, Veggies and Mass Cycling
    By Kevin J. Krizek
  • Liberalism, neoliberalism and Urban Transportation
    By Aaron Golub
  • Public Works, Public Networks: Community-Centric Telecommunications Planning (418 KB)
    By Greta Byrum and Benjamin Lennett
  • Foreclosures and the Federal Response
    By Neil Mayer
  • Christopher St. John and the Maine Center for Economic Policy
    By Pierre Clavel
  • Cuba Protects Private Housing, Not Capitalist Real Estate
    By Jill Hamberg
  • “This Square is our Home!”: The Organization of Urban Space in the Spanish 15-M Movement
    By Álvaro Sevilla-Buitrago

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