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Winter 2009 Planning in the Face of Anti-Immigrant Sentiment


2008 Planners Network Conference

  • Expose, Propose and Politicize: The Planners Network
    Conference, Winnipeg, Canada, July 17–19, 2008
    by Michael Dudley
  • Shifting Cultures to Achieve Sustainable Transportation
    by Arne Elias
  • Visioning Sustainable Transportation: Win-Win Solutions that
    Achieve Economic, Social and Environmental Objectives
    by Todd Litman
  • A HOP, SKIP and JUMP to “Branding” Transit: How Incremental
    Improvements to Transit and Cycling Can Boost Ridership and
    Bring New Life to Downtowns
    by Will Toor
  • Exploring Creative Practices and Urban Know-How at the
    Planner’s Network Conference
    by Heather McLean

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Planners Network
Planners Network is an association of professionals, activists, academics, and students involved in physical, social, economic, and environmental planning in urban and rural areas, who promote fundamental change in our political and economic systems.