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Winter 2006 Progressive Community Design


  • Politics With Poetry: The Quest for a Legitimate Architecture of Housing
    Michael Pyatok
  • 7th Generation
    Connie Chung and Ann Forsyth
  • Community Engagement
    Ron Shiffman
  • Diversity in Practice
    Kathy Dorgan
  • Origins of Community Design
    Henry Sanoff
  • Equity [or Not] by Design
    Roberta M. Feldman
  • Engaging Communities, Enriching Design Education
    Cheryl Doble & Peter Aeschbacher

    • Asian Neighborhood Design 
      Fernando Marti
    • ASSIST Inc. 
      Roger Borgenicht
    • building/communityWORKSHOP 
      Brent Brown
    • Charlottesville Community Design Center 
      Katie Swenson
    • Community Design Collaborative of AIA Philadelphia 
      Elizabeth Kay Miller
    • Environmental Works Community Design Center 
      Roger Tucker
    • Hamer Center for Community Design 
      Michael Rios
    • jamie blosser cd+d 
      Jamie Blosser
    • Metropolitan Design Center 
      Ann Forsyth
    • New Civic Works: Community-Based and Community-Scaled Design 
      Hillary Brown
  • Community Design as an Alternative,Non-Traditional Practice 
    Anne-Marie Lubenau & Mark Cameron
  • The Practice of Community Design 
    Rex Curry
  • Community-Based and Participatory Design 
    Stephen Goldsmith
  • Scale and Participatory Engagement:
    A Dialogue between Michael Rios & Scott Ball
  • Community Design Resources 
    Compiled by Henry Sanoff

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