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Winter 2006

Winter 2006  Progressive Community Design

Winter 2006 Progressive Community Design

FEATURES Politics With Poetry: The Quest for a Legitimate Architecture of Housing Michael Pyatok 7th Generation Connie Chung and Ann..

January 28, 2006

Origins of Community Design

By Henry Sanoff Community design stands for an alternative style of practice, based on the idea that professional technical knowledge is..

January 2, 2006

Diversity in Practice

By Kathy Dorgan Each community design center (CDC) has a unique and winning personality. The character of these participatory public..

January 2, 2006

Community Engagement

By Ron Shiffman Though the practice of community design has a history that includes over four decades of accomplishments, its contribution..

January 2, 2006

Politics with Poetry: The Quest for a Legitimate Architecture of Housing

By Michael Pyatok Individual vs. Collective In the early 1960s, some planners and architects began to question the obvious and..

January 2, 2006
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