Winter 2014: New York City after Bloomberg

Winter 2014: New York City after Bloomberg
Winter 2014: New York City after Bloomberg

The Seventh Generation

  • Don’t Believe the Hype about Mike – Oops, I Mean Bill
    by Tom Angotti

New York City after Bloomberg

  • The Monumental Myths of Michael Bloomberg
    by Dan Steinberg
  • The Life and Death of Low-Income Co-ops in New York City
    by Oksana Mironova
  • The Invisible Bicyclists (Hint: you’re not a white man!)
    by Dorothy Le and Helen Ho
  • For a City Free of Gender Violence
    by Marly Pierre-Louis
  • Creating a City Wide Afterschool Initiative to Prioritize Diverse Learning Experiences over Test Prep
    by Tal Bar-Zemer
  • Homes for All
    by Picture the Homeless Housing Committee
  • A Just Code of Ethics for Planners: A Priority for Planners Network
    by Peter Marcuse
  • What is Consistent with the Public Interest? Rethinking Planning Ethics for the 21st Century
    by Harley Etienne
  • Planning Withers Away in Crisis-ridden Greece
    by Reggie Modlich with Dina Vaiou, Rena Klabatsea, Maria Markou, Irini Micha, Thanos Pagonis, and Fereniki Vatavali
  • Labor-Community Coalitions Beat the Odds in the Philippines
    by Jacqueline Leavitt
  • NIMBYs or Concerned Citizens? Responding to Shale Oil and Gas Development
    by Susan Christopherson and Ned Rightor
  • Many Hands Together Make a Home: The Co-Production of Tiny Houses
    by Sijia Zhang, Noah Phillips, Riley Balikian, Giri Venkataramanan, and Alfonso Morales
  • A Knowledge Worker-Low Wage Worker Coalition in Ithaca, New York
    by Pierre Clavel
  • The Architecture of Change: Building a Better World
    Reviewed by Anthony Schuman

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