Summer 2007 Post Katrina Planning and Organizing

  • Grassroots Disaster Recovery Planning: New Orleans and Beyond
    Jason Neville and Clara Irazábal
  • Social Justice in New Orleans: Planning after Katrina
    Peter Marcuse
  • Transforming Top-Down to Bottom-Up Planning in Post-Katrina Mississippi
    Jennifer Evans-Cowley and Meghan Z. Gough
  • Involving Students in Reconstructing New Orleans: An Example from Richmond
    Thad Williamson with Steve Horvath, Corrie Mixon and Erica Coleman
  • (Re) Constructioning Community: The United Houma Nation and Iowa State University
    Breann Marsh-Narigon, Clare Cardinal-Pett, Lynn Paxson and Tara Lynne Clapp
  • Integrating Community and Youth
    Eric Jensen
  • Form-Based Codes and Social Equity: Working in New Orleans
    Alison Kopyt

Highs and Lows of Urban Redevelopment

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