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Fall 2004

Fall 2004 Olympics

New York City’s Olympic Bid -Why?  Peter Marcuse Integrating Visions and Ethics: A Feat of Olympian Proportions Richard Milgrom 2004..

October 30, 2004

George W. Bush and the Cities: The Damage Done and the Struggle Ahead

By Peter Dreier On April 29, 2002, the tenth anniversary of the civil unrest, George W. Bush came to Los Angeles to speak at a..

October 24, 2004

Fool’s Gold: Some Observations of Salt Lake City’s 2002 Winter Olympic Games

By Stephen Goldsmith Honorable men envisioned a Winter Olympic Games in Salt Lake City in 1960, almost forty years before the Games were..

October 24, 2004

Golden Scam: Fantasy and Reality in the Olympics

By Christopher A. Shaw The artificial frenzy of the Athens Summer Olympics are now safely behind us and the media have returned to covering..

October 24, 2004

New York City’s Olympic Bid—Why?

By Peter Marcuse Cities have pursued hosting the Olympic Games out of a variety of motivations, often more than one. Absent from these..

October 24, 2004
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