Summer 2015: Latin Americas, North and South

Summer 2015: Latina Americas, North and South
Summer 2015: Latina Americas, North and South

The Seventh Generation

  • The Politics of Planning in Latin America and the Latino US
    by Samuel Stein, Clara Irazábal

Latin Americas, North and South

  • The Political Ecology Approach to Planning in a Global World: A Latin-American Perspective
    by Liliana Giraldo Arias
  • The Contradictions of Cooperative Institutions in Pindoyú, Paraguay
    by Kathryn Peters
  • Fighting for Planning for the First Time in Fortaleza, Brazil
    by Clarissa Sampaio Freitas
  • The Damage from Mega-Sporting Events in Brazil
    by J. Justin Woods
  • Call for Papers: Detroit, Fall, 2015
  • The Social Struggle for Public Spaces in Guayaquil, Ecuador
    by Luis Alfonso Saltos Espinoza
  • Yachay, City of Knowledge: A Catalyst of Territorial (In)Equity and Social (In)Justice in Equador
    by Juan Carlos Maquilón Tapia
  • Displacing the Dead, Disregarding the Living: Public Space and Cemetery Planning in Bogotá, Colombia
    by Christien Klaufus
  • Paradise Misappropriated: The Case of Touristic Gated Communities in Lyford Cay and Clifton Bay, Bahamas
    by Samar Al-Skaff, Nasr Chamma, Hanna Ibrahim, Alexandra Kallab, Christelle Lahoud, Andrey Levchenko
  • Planned but Mostly Unimplemented: Large Scale Green Infrastructure in Arid Northern Mexico Cities
    by Gabriel Díaz Montemayor
  • Diálogo on the Border: Planning for Latino Communities in South Texas
    by Edna Ledesma, Cecilia Giusti, Bara Safarova, Larry Vasquez, Esther Valles Rojas
  • Economic Restructuring and the Roosevelt Avenue Business Improvement District
    by Arturo Ignacio Sánchez
  • An Activist’s Response to School Closing: A Residential Teacher’s Village in a Gentrifying Puerto Rican Community
    by Ivis García

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