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Summer 2014: Progressive Planning at the Border

Summer 2014: Progressive Planning at the Border

Summer 2014: Progressive Planning at the Border

The Seventh Generation

Progressive Planning at the Border

  • PN 2014 in Ciudad Juárez, México: Thank you for Joining Us at the Border
    by María Teresa Vázquez Castillo
  • Progressive Planning at the Border
    by Peter Marcuse
  • The Right to the City: Strategic Approach for the Post-2015 and the Habitat III Global Agendas
    by Lorena Zárate
  • Right to the City In New York City: Race, Militarization of Public Spaces and Community Control
    by Tom Angotti
  • La Figura del Peatón en la Planificación de la Movilidad en Ciudad Juárez
    by Frida Landa Rivera
  • Planeación Participativa: Mejoramiento Barrial y Cambio Social
    by Leticia Peña Barrera
  • Defending U.S. worker rights: Can we learn from Latin America’s “Third Left”?
    by Marie Kennedy, Chris Tilly
  • Fuerza Valpo! Solidarity, Resistance, and Recovery In the Wake of Valparaíso Fires
    by Emily Achtenberg
  • Crowdfunding Community Projects: A Transformative Community Development Tool and a Liability for Social Justice and Government Responsibility
    by Liz Treutel
  • On Ethics and Economics
    by Kanishka Goonewardena

Book Review

  • Burlington Development Director Recounts History
    by Pierre Clavel

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