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Spring 2014: Planning Across Borders

Spring 2014: Planning Across Borders

Spring 2014: Planning Across Borders

The Seventh Generation

  • Transbordering Planning
    by Clara Irazábal

Planning Across Borders

  • Santa Fe: Mexico City’s Challenged Megaproject
    by María Moreno-Carranco
  • Conservation and Inequalities in Tanzanian Maasailand
    by Mohammad Sarfaraz Gani Adnan, Barsha Chitrakar, Kartini Kasmuri and Genevieve Wasser
  • Cusco: City of Memory
    by Miriam Chion
  • The Buffer Zone in Nicosia: Border or Bridge Space?
    by Alyssa Juday, Maria Pia Giraudo, Chiara Pirro, Giulio Mandrillo, and Francesca Femenias
  • PNC 2014: Planning at the Borders
  • Protest of Gentrification and Eviction Technologies in San Francisco
    by Manissa McCleave Maharawal
  • Mayor Bloomberg’s Park Legacy: Destination Parks
    by Boris Suchkov
  • Street Harassment: Old Issue, Ongoing Struggle, New Movement
    by Nina M. Flores
  • Spaces of Resistance and Creativity: The 15M Barcelona Encampment
    by Silvano De la Llata
  • Community Design and Post-Disaster Recovery after Japan’s Tsunami
    by Tamiyo Kondo
  • Enforcing Social Justice through the Code of Ethics: How Planners Network Can Make it Happen
    by Jeffrey S. Lowe

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