Winter 2013: New York

Winter 2013, New York
Winter 2013, New York

Seventh Generation

New York Focus

  • New York Neighborhoods Fight Land Grabs: Public Parks Going to Professional Teams
    by Donovan Finn 
  • Planners Network Conference
  • Revisiting Equity: The HUD Sustainable Communities Initiative
    Lisa K. Bates and Marisa Zapata
  • Planning in the Shadows: Unauthorized Immigrants in Postville
    by Gerardo Francisco Sandoval
  • Sustainability and Its Contradictions in Southeastern Massachusetts
    by Helene Fine
  • What is the Skills Problem in Manufacturing?
    by Nichola Lowe
  • Community Participation in Rural New Gateway Communities
    by Katia Balassiano
  • Children Seen and Heard: Photovoice and Kids Making the Case for Public Health
    by Kelly Main
  • Building Inclusive Cities: Women’s Safety and the Right to the City
    Reviewed by Regula Modlich

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