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Summer 2009 Gaza Under Siege

Progressive Planning Magazine Cover

  • Bengaluru Goes from Garden City to Nano Land
    by Tom Angotti

Feature Articles

Urban Prospects Under Obama

  • Right to the City Builds Alliance, Confronts Mayors 
    by Jacqueline Leavitt
  • Urban Prospects in the Age of Obama 
    by Dick Platkin
  • Will the Obama Administration Cut the Racial Trip Wire?
    by Bill Fletcher, JR
  • How Segregation Drives Subprime Lending
    by Gregory D. Squires
  • Unaffordable “Affordable” Housing: Challenging the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development Area Median Income
    by Michael E. Stone
  • Changing the Debate on High-Speed Rail
    by Michael Dudley and Arne Elias

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