Spring 2009 Immigrants, Ethnicity, Diversity, and Space

Feature Articles

  • Integration Exhaustion, Race Fatigue and the
    American Dream

    by Chester Hartman and Gregory D. Squires
  • Participatory Planning in Binghamton, New York
    by Sean Bennett
  • Master Plan for Havana: An Encounter with Julio César Pérez Hernández
    by Regula Modlich
  • Immigrants, Ethnicity, Diversity, and Space: A Racist Rezoning? Gentrification and New York City’s Historic Immigrant Neighborhoods
    by Tarry Hum
  • New Faces in Public Spaces: Immigrant Integration and City Parks
    by Neerja Vasishta and Hillary Angelo
  • Working on the Edge: Day Labor, Migration and Neighborhoods in the Phoenix Metropolitan Area
    by Francisco Lara and Jacob Fisher
  • Integration of International Immigrants in Tijuana: Why So Easy?
    by Tito Alegría
  • Adding Gender and Immigration to the Planning Cake
    by Denize LeDeatte
  • Immigrants Benefit from Advocacy Planning Before It Was Called That
    by Maureen Hellwig and Rhea Yap

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