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Spring 2006 Gender and Violence


  • Towards a Transformative View of Race 
    john a.powell, Hasan Kwame Jeffries, Daniel Newhart & Eric Stiens
  • 7th Generation 
    Tom Angotti
  • And the Winner in the New Orleans Mayoral Race Is…
    Chester Hartman
  • Katrina’s Race and Class Effects Were Planned
    Gregory D.Squires
  • From Here to Autonomy 
    Chris Tilly & Marie Kennedy
    • Women’s Fear of Victimization and Crime
      Anastasia Loukaitou-Sideris
    • Femicide in Ciudad Juárez 
      María Teresa Vázquez-Castillo
    • Femicide and Economic Development in Juárez Mexico
      Elizabeth L.Sweet
    • Violence Against Transgendered People
      Petra L.Doan
  • Los Angeles Gardeners Organize for Jobs and the Environment
    Alvaro Huerta
  • Art Space and Image Value: Redevelopment at the Distillery District, Toronto
    Vanessa Matthews
  • Inclusive Housing and Neighborhood Design: A Look at Visitability
    Jordana L.Maisel

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