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Winter 2004 Food and Planning

  • Bad Meat and Brown Bananas 
    By David C. Sloane
  • 7th Generation
    By Katherine Crewe
  • Philadelphia’s Food Trust and Supermarket Access
    By Hannah Burton
  • Inner City Grocery Retail: What Planners Can Do
    By Kami Pothukuchi
  • Food System Planning:Setting the Community’s Table 
    By Mark Winne
  • Food Problems: A Structural Model and the North Korean Case
    By Gill-Chin Lim
  • The Community Food Security Coalition
    By Kai Siedenburg
  • Bringing Urban Planners and Urban Agriculture Together
    By Martin Bailkey
  • Food Security and an Official Plan
    By Gerda Wekerle
  • Linking the Land and the Lunchroom 
    By Heather Stouder
  • Planning’s Role in Assisting Local Agricultural Initiatives
    By Laura Stauffer
  • Community Gardening in York Region, Ontario
    By Nancy Reid
  • Organic Farming in Southwestern Indian Communities
    By Katherine Crewe
  • Building an Alternative to the Global Food System in Jalisco, Mexico 
    By Danielle Schami
  • Planning for Regional Food Systems: Web-based Organizations Take the Lead
    By Loren Talbot
  • Women, Food and the Sustainable Economy: A Simple Relationship
    By Hemalata Dandekar
  • Planners Discover Food: A Report on Two Roundtables
    By Joe Nasr

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