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Calls for a “new localism” abound these days. In the aftermath of Trump’s election, many liberal and progressive commentators have been claiming that cities are the new “nodes of resistance”.  Richard Florida, influenced by Benjamin Barber’s If Mayors Ruled the World, has advocated a new urban agenda comprised of a “devolution” of power to the local […]


Photo Credit: During the 1990s, after decades of disinvestment, white flight and suburbanization, American cities once again became sites of large-scale capital investment. The resulting waves of gentrification[1] and displacement spurred the formation of new social movements, including many that considered themselves part of a US-based coalition The Right to the City (RTC). My own introduction […]


Introductory remarks by contributing editorial board member Jeffrey Lowe: On Friday, April 6th, Henry Louis Taylor, Jr., received the Urban Affairs Association’s (UAA’s) 2018 Marilyn J. Gittell Activist Scholar Award.  Gittell spent her entire 50-year career with the City University of New York, and focused her scholarship and community activism on concerns about racial, gender, […]

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