Spaces of Struggle: A Mini-Conference on Radical Planning, October 11, 2017, Denver

Spaces of Struggle: A Mini-Conference on Radical Planning

Wednesday, October 11, 2017, 8:30 a.m. – 6:30 p.m.

PlatteForum at The Temple, 2400 Curtis Street, Denver, Colorado


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While planning offers hope for better cities, radical scholars and planners have exposed a troubled history of the complicity of planning in perpetuating spatialized inequity, injustice, and domination. This mini-conference addresses both the theoretical and practical aspects of an invigorated contemporary radical planning agenda, posing critical questions in pursuit of better ways forward. Inspired by the first Spaces of Struggle held in 2016 in Portland OR, this year’s mini-conference offers a space of exchange for the many voices who believe radical practice and scholarship are crucial to understanding and challenging mainstream systems and practices. Spaces of Struggle is a commentary on and complement to ACSP2017.

Denver displacement

Jordan Hill, Corley Melnice, Isaac Rivera, Thomas Topero, Trishia Vasquez, Coby Wikselaar

Dismantling the urban decline machine

Joshua Akers, Michael RJ Koscielniak, Allison Laskey, Julie Mah, Eric Seymour

Hope and struggle: Jackie Leavitt & the fight for radical planning

Nina Flores, Carolina Sarmiento, Revel Sims

Migrations, multiculturalism, and race

Fernando Burga, Fayola Jacobs, Sophonie Joseph, Marie Sipin

Posters, paint, and paletas: aesthetic manipulations and the future of the city

Evan Carver, Austin Cummings, Andrea Garfinkel-Castro, Steve Marotta

Planning, money, power: intersections with the state, developers, and the public

Amelia Adams, Orly Linovski, Alejandra Reyes, Jason Spicer, Sam Stein

Sites of anti-colonial struggle: confronting planning paradigms and hegemony

Heather Dorries, Annie Koh, Brigid Livesey, Daniel Olmos

Future Directions: open discussion

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