Updates on Progressive City: Radical Alternatives Magazine

Updates on Progressive City: Radical Alternatives Magazine

The new PN online magazine Progressive City: Radical Alternatives, www.progressivecity.net

now features new articles and a podcast.
A podcast has been added for the series Ear to the Pavement:
Allison Lirish Dean interviews New York-based journalist and author Neil DeMause about gentrification and development in Brooklyn and about his new book, The Brooklyn Wars: The Stories Behind the Making of New York’s Most Celebrated Borough.  http://www.progressivecity.net/podcast
Recent articles include:
“Preventing Discrimination by Design: Diversifying the Planning Profession” by Giovania Tiarachristie
“Review: From Boom to Bubble: How Finance Built the New Chicago” by Pierre Clavel
“Trump: What Can Progressive Planners Do?” by Tom Angotti
“Good Planning, Progressive Planning and Urban Transformation: Reflecting on Peter Marcuse” by Aseem Inam
“Vision Zero: Racism, Policing and Rethinking Safety” by Josmar Trujillo
“Standing Rock: Victory Celebrated, Struggle to Continue” by Nancy Romer
Check them out!  And for information on how to contribute to the Magazine, scroll down at the following link: www.progressivecity.net/contact
Please share information about the Magazine with your networks!
Our progressive connections are more critical than ever for 2017, and any donations that you or potentially interested friends can make in the New Year (via the Donate button on www.progressivecity.net) to help keep the Magazine going is greatly appreciated.
Thanks & the best wishes for the holiday season!

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