Year: 2011

Fall 2011 Progressive Planning Magazine back issues Table of Contents

Fall 2011 Transportation, Accessibility and Equity

The Seventh Generation An Urban Need for a New Economic Public Policy Approach in Economic Development Practice (190 KB) by Fernando Centeno Feature Articles Public Transit’s Imperiled Future (153 KB) By Lisa Schweitzer Getting There: Putting Accessibility into Practice for Progressive Transportation […]

Progressive Planning Magazine back issues Spring 2011 Table of Contents

Spring 2011 : Why Unions Matter

The Seventh Generation Why Unions Matter: Defending the Great Equalizer by Chris Tilly Feature Articles From and Toward a Queer Urbanism by Kian Goh Challenging the Mixed-Income Housing Paradigm: Preserving Low-Income Communities through Non-Profit Development Initiatives by Michael Pyatok Growing […]

Progressive Planning Magazine back issues Table of Contents Winter 2011

Winter 2011 Transportation Justice

The Seventh Generation The Heresies in HUD’s Public Housing Policy by Peter Marcuse Feature Articles Just Transportation Planning: Lessons from California by Richard A. Marcantonio The Ongoing Debate Over Privatization of Public Housing: National Association of HUD Tenants Comments on […]