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The 2016 Olympics in Rio: A Community Plays Against the Real Estate Game

…la put it, “These Olympics are retribution to the marvelous people of Rio de Janeiro that many times show up only in newspapers.” But will all people gain retribution equally, or will Rio’s rich end up with the lion’s share? Theresa Williamson holds a Ph.D. in City and Regional Planning from the University of Pennsylvania and is founder and executive director of Catalytic Communities (, a Rio de Janeiro-based NGO. Follow the…

Spring 2003 War, Cities, and Urban Planning

…ce By Eugene Patron Dividing and Rebuilding Beirut By Katja Simons Vieques: El Impacto del Bombardeo en las Poblaciones Civiles Plan Puebla Panama By Wendy Call Roadmap to Stop the Bulldozers For a More Social World Forum By Theresa Williamson Asian Social Forum By Penelope Duda Water Poverty and Neoliberal Reforms By Larissa Larsen Pobreza Urbana En Argentina By Alejandro Rofman Administrationís Voucher Proposal By National Low Income Housing…

Spring 2004 New York Features

…oney? Peter Marcuse Greening New York, One Building at a Time Bomee Jung Mapping the Way to Community-Based Planning Bush To City: Drop Dead Jack Newfield Features: Another World Is Possible: The World Social Forum in Mumbai Theresa Williamson Advocacy in the New Melting Pot: Reports from CA & ME Pierre Clavel and Neema Kudva Tierras Públicas y Apropiación Privada Alejandro Rofman Book Review: How East New York Became a Ghetto Review By Lew…

Summer 2010 The Invisible Cyclists

…eration Beyond Networking, Left Alternatives by Tom Angotti Feature Articles The Invisible Cyclists of Los Angeles by Omari Fuller and Edgar Beltran The 2016 Olympics in Rio: A Community Plays Against the Real Estate Game by Theresa Williamson Mexico City Creates Charter for the Right to the City by Jill Wigle and lorena Zárate Social Currency: A Tool to Empower Migrant Workers by Alfonso Morales Progressive Planning Leader Pat Rosenthal and…

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