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Spring 2004

Spring 2004 New York Features

City Planners Realize Windfalls for Developers and Oppose Inclusionary Zoning  Alex Schafran Planning in New York City : Walls that..

April 30, 2004

Olympic Glory or Fool’s Gold?: New Yorkers Boo Stadium and Midtown Plan

By Eugene J. Patron Just a stone’s throw from Manhattan ’s famed Theatre District, the curtain has risen on one of the city’s major..

April 24, 2004

Planning for All New Yorkers:The Campaign for Community-Based Planning

By Eve Baron The year 2001 was a landmark one for electoral politics in New York City. Due to the first-time imposition of term limits,..

April 24, 2004

Planning in New York City: Walls that Divide, Bridges that Unite

By Tom Angotti As the preeminent global center of capitalism, New York City thrives on the free flow of capital. But it’s not so liberal..

April 24, 2004

City Planners Realize Windfalls for Developers and Oppose Inclusionary Zoning

By Alex Schafran New York City ’s planners are rezoning land left and right to make way for new housing. They refuse to adopt, however, a..

April 24, 2004
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