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May/June 2001

May/June 2001 Planning NYC

Selected Feature Community-based Planning: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric  By Jocelyne Chait Getting Transportation Priorities Straight  By..

May 30, 2001

Privatizing Public Space Saving NYC’s Parks

By Dave Lutz In New York City little planning is done to meet the needs for public space. City government has no idea of what the public..

May 19, 2001

Getting Transportation Priorities Straight

By Lisa Schreibman As New York City grew in the 1990’s so did the demand for transportation. Population grew by 9%, jobs by 10% and..

May 19, 2001

Community-based Planning: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric

By Jocelyne Chait The growth in community-based planning across the United States over the past decade reflects increasing recognition of..

May 19, 2001
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