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Towards a New Community Development Paradigm: The Political and Economic Agenda

By Jonathan Michael Feldman and Jessica Gordon Nembhard This special section is devoted to an analysis and discussion of democratic..

September 19, 2001

The Seventh Generation

The September 11 attacks on New York City and Washington brought horror and death and there is no moral or political justification for..

September 19, 2001

Planning to Rebuild: The Issues Ahead

By Tom Angotti The attacks on the World Trade Center brought horror, fear, death and anger to many New Yorkers. In the weeks after the..

September 19, 2001

Urban Life Will Change: Proposals for Rebuilding

By Peter Marcuse We are all of course trying to come to grips with what the events of September 11 mean, and will mean. It has been a..

September 19, 2001

July/August 2001 The Road from Rochester

Selected Feature PN 2001 in Rochester: Voices of Change  By Ken Reardon Rochester: The Path Less Traveled  By William A. Johnson, Jr...

July 30, 2001

PN 2001 in Rochester : Voices of Change

By Ken Reardon Nearly four hundred neighborhood leaders, professional planners, planning students and planning academics participated in..

July 19, 2001

Rochester: The Path Less Traveled

By Mayor William A. Johnson, Jr. Why did Rochester take the path less traveled when we decided to create a partnership with citizens to..

July 19, 2001

Changing the Culture of Planning Toward Greater Equity

by Norman Krumholz I want to report on my impressions of planning after years of close association with the American Planning Association..

July 19, 2001

May/June 2001 Planning NYC

Selected Feature Community-based Planning: Moving Beyond the Rhetoric  By Jocelyne Chait Getting Transportation Priorities Straight  By..

May 30, 2001

Privatizing Public Space Saving NYC’s Parks

By Dave Lutz In New York City little planning is done to meet the needs for public space. City government has no idea of what the public..

May 19, 2001
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