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March/April 2001

March/April 2001 Queers and Planning

Selected Feature Queers and Planning  By George Cheung and Ann Forsyth Transgendered as Mine Shaft Canaries  By Petra L. Doan Deviant..

March 30, 2001

Zoning That Excludes Queers: What a Difference a Phrase Makes

By Gwen Urey In Pomona, California, where I am a planning commissioner, a simple phrase in one sentence of a complex ordinance would have..

March 19, 2001

Are the Transgendered the Mine Shaft Canaries of Urban Areas?

By Petra L. Doan In coal mining country it is common knowledge that canaries are highly sensitive to noxious methane gas sometimes found in..

March 19, 2001

Queers and Planning

By George Cheung and Ann Forsyth Planners Network has had a commitment to queer issues for some time, but what this means has not been much..

March 19, 2001

Deviant History, Defiant Heritage

By Gail Dubrow While there is no shortage of queer folk in the preservation movement, as volunteers and preservation professionals there..

January 19, 2001
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