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September/October 1998

September/October 1998 Whither PN?

Columns and Opinion The Seventh Generation by Tom Angotti Collective Action by Patricia Nolan Feature Advocate for Progressive Planning..

September 30, 1998

You Gotta Represent Dispersing Authority to Dispersed Members

By John McCrory When we pause to consider what purpose Planners Network can usefully serve in the coming years, I think we must begin by..

September 6, 1998

Support Activists, Question Capitalism

By Dick Platkin First, PN should be a source of analysis and technical resources for community struggles, especially those involving public..

September 6, 1998

Keep Networking

By Gwen Urey Planners Network was in the vanguard by conceiving of itself as a “network” in 1975. We have evolved..

September 6, 1998

Advocate for Progressive Planning Education

By Cathy Klump Most planners stumble into planning en route to their perceived destiny as lawyers, doctors, English professors, and..

September 6, 1998

Collective Action

By Patricia Nolan “While we think and plan, we shouldn’t let thinking and planning get in the way of or substitute for..

September 6, 1998

From Whence and Whither PN?

by Tom Angotti On the domestic scene, Jim Crow was dead and affirmative action alive. Community, women’s and other grass roots..

September 6, 1998
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